About Us

Accessed from anywhere, we provide solution focused virtual courses for new and seasoned managers.


Our purpose is to provide premium quality virtual courses accessible to mid-level leaders globally.


Our trainers have the required qualifications, knowledge and skills to facilitate our courses to the highest standard.


All courses include skills gap discussions, attendee training plans and post programs coaching sessions.

Why Us

Point of Difference

By concentrating on middle management, our team has a wide understanding of the challenges that mid-level leaders deal with.

All virtual programs are designed to provide participants with the critical skills and techniques needed to be successful.

Company Values

Our company values are based around three core themes:

  • Retention: the retention and internalizing of course materials.
  • Reinforcement: the application of learned concepts to real life scenarios.
  • Reinvigoration: personal empowerment to enhance one’s desire for ongoing future growth and development.

The Best Technology

Our team of trainers have experience with a full range of virtual delivery platforms. As technology changes, we will adapt as needed. Current platforms  include Zoom, Skype, Webex, MS Teams, Google Meet and Go to Meetings.

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