Cross Cultural Management

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Course Overview

This cross cultural management course will provide leaders with effective techniques and strategies for developing diverse teams, promoting multiculturalism within the workplace, and leveraging a global talent pool.

This is essential training for modern day managers and supervisors who lead employees from various cultural backgrounds.

Outcomes For Cross Cultural Management

  • Define exactly what culture is and how it shapes your workplace.
  • Discover how stereotypes can manipulate our perceptions of others.
  • Cultivate more empowering cross-cultural attitudes and behaviours.
  • Communicate more effectively within a multicultural context.

Furthermore in this Diversity Training

  • Learn how to respectfully manage team members from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Help team members to overcome cross-cultural barriers.
  • Enhance cultural awareness and acceptance within your organisation to build a more cohesive environment.
  • Leverage and empower a global talent pool.

Topics Covered

  • What is culture
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Cross cultural team building and cohesion
  • Managing your diverse team members
  • Constructing a multicultural workplace
  • Utilising a global talent pool

Virtual Training Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our Program Framework consisting of:

  • Booking consultation
  • Trainer led skills gap analysis
  • Tailored participant training plan
  • Post workshop coaching

Further Details

This diversity training is designed to provide managers with in-depth knowledge and skills regarding how to better manage team members from various cultures and backgrounds. Workbooks, assessment forms and future planning tools included.


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5 star attendee feedback
Our trainer was a knowledgeable and skilled presenter who brought each person’s story to the table which allowed us to further learn from each other.
– Head of Lending & Operations
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the way it was presented it. I feel I will be able to make immediate improvements and look forward to implementing them.
– Production Manager
Out trainer was a pleasure to have facilitate the course and managed our diverse group extremely well. Would highly recommend.
– State Coordinator

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